The Zigzag Footpath Map Range

The idea for the ‘Zigzag’ was to create a user-friendly map for people looking to walk long distance footpaths. Working with Ordnance Survey’s 25k scale mapping we were looking to cover a path at the most economical scale. Although our personal favourite scale is 16k, we also use 20k and even 25k for some of the very long paths, such as Offa’s Dyke. We decided on a concertina strip map in order to make it easy to use. You only have to open two panels at a time, it can be comfortably held in one hand and will fit a back pocket. Creating the map can be quite challenging as many footpaths are not linear, especially coastal ones, however the advantage, apart from ease of use, is that one map can conceivably span a couple of sheet maps with footpath distances varying between 20 and 30 miles, depending on scale and routing. The map is laminated (showerproof) and printed on 250 gsm card, so it is relatively tough and does not flop around. It has a concise Legend on the back with a QR code and web link to the full OS 25k Legend online. The map comes in a plastic sleeve with a useful scale ruler, showing distance in both miles and kilometres.

The ‘Zigzag’ map can best be summed up by the following -

  • Easy to use mapping while walking
  • Laminated for showerproofing
  • Useful scale ruler for distance
  • Slips easily into your pocket
  • Double-sided Map